Simple Account

Creating and managing users can be tricky and expensive to implement. We have balanced the need of having basic account creation, maintenance and controlled access without using a third party system which of course is expensive especially at scale. An account can be created manually or through the API account creation calls.

Our system assigns a secret to each account which allows for secure JWT token creation for access through the API to the features that are added to the developed app. All accounts have hashed password which can be changed through our "forgot password" API calls. If the use case is an application that does not have the traditional login, for example, a phone app, the account can be logged in with their account ID and secret automatically. This JWT token can be used for their session so that there isn't the need to constantly re-validate.

The online account admin gives the ability to manually add and inactivate accounts. This can also be done through API calls. The amount of accounts is unlimited which is a great cost savings option. We give you the basic functionality at a fraction of the cost. Account information is encrypted when stored and the passwords are hashed for full security.

This account system also gives you the ability to create password access to the online admin and assign accounts for alerting and promotion approval. This also gives you the ability to track feature creation. An unlimited amount of accounts can be created under your account without extra cost and when access is no longer needed simply inactivate the account. It is really that Simple.

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