Simple Logging

Simple logging with Id. This gives the ability to identify issues as they are reported. The log tracking will pro-activity alert if error rates increase. The dashboard will show log actively, which will allow troubleshooting for spikes over periods of time.

The cloud-based system handles all logging needs. Powerful graphics that show spikes in error rates. The ability to group logs for refining search and monitoring. The ability to monitor, search and find any errors by reporting ID. The ability to log per environment to spot errors before they make it to production. Access to directly download logs into your own systems to do more complex analysis.

Have the ability to add unlimited log groups and record logs by client, application and environment. Eliminate issues before they hit production by proactively monitoring lower environments. The Simple system is set up to monitor the entire stack and alert appropriately.

The interactive logging dashboard helps spot issues quickly, and drive towards resolution, without getting lost in the quantity or complexity of other logging systems.

The system has unlimited account creation for the same cost with individual logins. This stops the issue of limited access because of cost or availability. We also support the full stack and promotion of logging groups so as new applications move up the stack, so can your logging. This also helps support common patterns across the promotion path, eliminating confusion and lack of parity between environments.

When an issue happens, the last thing you want is to be bombarded by information you already know about. The alerting system gives the ability to be notified by multiple communication methods, and easily pause all of them to focus on issue.

For the price of just logging you get another 10 critical services that are just as valuable. The efficiency of a pure cloud-based system gives us the ability to slash costs on enterprise ready systems. Bring on the errors.

Easily integrate logging with your systems through alerting or direct API access. Our site is mobile friendly, so gone are the days of trying to zoom in on your phone to try and troubleshoot an error while away from your computer. Simple Cloudware Logging work with any stack and any scale. Simple Cloudware is a pure cloud-based solution which can accept logs from any internet connected system. There are no propriety limits or dependencies. We are SaaS in the cloud. Log from a mobile app, any cloud, desktop applications, websites, video games and IoT. If it has internet access, we can log it.

We are built in a highly secure cloud with JWT token authentication. All logs are transmitted through https. Access is account-based, so you can control who see the logs per environment. Accounts can immediately be deactivated as needed, and unlimited accounts can be created. All access is CORS compliant and are protected against scripting and denial of service attacks. All access is instantly accessible, where roles can be assigned and unassigned. All data is permanently deleted after the retention period, and downloadable through API, for long term back up.

The last thing you need to go down is your logging. Especially in a high-volume logging situation. The power of a purely cloud-based system is being assured it isn’t going to go down. Even no-SQL solutions have their limits, and rapidly scaling up can lead to cascading collapse. Our cloud system is tested to handle big spikes, and maintain all the data and reporting integrity.

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