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Cut your development Cycle in Half for a fraction of the Cost Features are the Focus. Stop building code to handle the maintenance and infrastructure needs for code support.

We help developers

Write customer code and use the Simple Tool-set to take care of mundane, repetitive but necessary code infrastructure. Features need to be the primary focus for all custom code. Simple wants to end the era of writing the same concepts over again for each new project and for each new coding language.

Cost Effective Bundling

We have combined many code infrastructure tasks into one tool-set. This gives the developer the ability to write customer code, not Usage Tracking, Content Management, Validation, and Automation. The list goes on.


Focus on Features

Quickly add our toolset that solves routine programming challenges.


Focus on Simplicity

Our tooling gives the function you need without a thousand features you will never use.


Improve Time-To-Market

Don't get bogged down in coding that does not sell your product!


We Solve The Need

Simple Tools that focus on the main solution and do not explode a feature set around a simple need.


Tool Aggregation

A system that includes the Simple Tools as one solution. This allows scaling and interaction between the tools.


We Keep It Simple

Our products solve fundamental code life cycle needs without over engineering the solution.

Keep In Touch

We provide services that keep you focused on creating customer value. Our products solve fundamental code life cycle needs without over engineering the solution. We keep it simple!


Form To Email

Submit Your Form To our API and the results will be sent to your designated Gmail or Outlook email account absolutely free.

Accounts With Login

Creating and managing users can be tricky and expensive to implement. We have balanced the need of having basic account creation, maintenance and controlled access without the cost.

Usage Tracking

Knowing what your Users are doing is absolutely critical for your success. Not only will you need this information for billing but also to understand from a data perspective what you users are actually doing.


Intentional logging is the cornerstone of troubleshooting. Just adding logging to fulfull a requirment and then get buried in millions of records the worst. We can help target and sort your logs.

Content Management

All I want to do is separate content from my app and have an approval process so that I can focus on the code not fixing spelling issues and emergency content updates.

Feature Toggle

A/B Testing anyone? Toggling gives you the ability to turn content and features on/off outside of your app This also gives you the ability to bring online new features without going through the code promotion process.


Is anyone out there? Pinging your site gives you the ability to know about outages and slow downs as they happen.

List and Lookup

To build a modern app you need to get your drop-down lists and autofill out of the app. This gives you the ability to change languages, add/subtract options, speed up your app and free up databases from another call.

Complex Validation

How do I check password strength or a valide phone number in France. Server side validation to the rescue. We have create over 50 complex validations that are beyond the capability to regex.


I just added a feature, how do I know I didn't break something else. Run nightly automation against every environment to check that everything is working as expected.

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