Simple Usage

Now you've done it. You have finally created an app, or site, that is billable. Maybe you need to track what people are actually clicking on. How are you going to accurately do this? The first option, which sadly many companies depend on, is to look at Google Analytics. This, of course, is not a defensible billable strategy, and is difficult to understand with individual click-through patterns.

Enter Simple Cloudware Usage. We do all the tracking by adding async calls into your code. We gather all the data accurately, per account, which can be used for billing and research. This can be a huge amount of data, which is perfectly suited for a cloud solution. We make sure that our pure cloud solution uses every cost saving feature to collect, analyze and report this information back to you, at a fraction of the cost of buying, running and implementing a traditional usage system. Simply add the endpoints to your code and you are done. We support usage in a path to production, so you can test usage code and reports before they are in production, to verify and troubleshoot the production results.

Our system can track an infinite amount of apps in one location. This gives you the ability to correlate usage across your platform and track transition between different applications. All calls are async and since we are in the cloud usage spikes are not an issue. We just continue to save the data and do the analysis as it arrives and create daily reports overnight so that you can see usage patterns as they emerge. Usage is also an essential tool when pair with our toggling service for tracking campaigns or new features in production for your customers.

Data or the strongest opinion. Choose one. Usage wins the day when it is available. Don't let politics and personal opinion drive development choices when you can base decisions on actual user data. It is important to understand your consumers, and verify business strategy. With our easy to implement API, it is easy to make decision based on facts. The development conversation can change with just a little bit of actual, provable data. You don't have to worry about the validity of the usage data obtained to charge your clients. You will have actual, verifiable usage data to utilize for billing, future development justification and tracking of actual client activity.

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