Simple Ping

Simple Ping regularly checking resources is fundamental for solution health. The issue is to keep it simple and understandable. It is essential to understand not only if the resource is available but how fast is it running. We track speed over time to understand if a feature or infrastructure update is making your application faster.

Spend your days making features and adding customer value not worrying if your site, application, API or IoT is available and online. Catch the outages before they reach production by monitoring your code in the path to production. Also track speed to know if new code is help or hurting your performance which is critical for customer satisfaction and SEO. Ping speed can also be used as a criteria for code quality and approval. Never release code that slows your system down again.

Our system can also be used to volume test your system by sending pings in volume and tracking response rates and system scale-ability. Performance testing in all environment built into our system is a great feature. Our ping system also records errors to our logging system and alerts with the exact issue that is returned from the ping. This eliminates the step of finding the exact issue which triggered the outage in another logging system.

Our API access means that you can also download all your data for analysis and long-term trending and sla compliance. We also delete all data after the retention period, so your data is safe and only viewed by you. Our pings have built in authentication for keeping track of API’s that need secure access. Also all our API calls are through our JWT tokenized processing making your data accessible and secure. We have the ability to add unlimited accounts with their own login preventing a single bottleneck when troubleshooting an issue or monitoring your connected asset.

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