Simple Content

Content management systems are expensive, entrenched and completely overdone. We have designed a system to control content display in an app, which can complement these systems, if you need them at all. There is no software, hardware or outrageous pricing scheme to deal with. Add the content online and access it through the API, you are done!

Whoever creates it should own it. Content ownership is important when it comes to getting the right content in front of customers as fast as reasonable. Getting stuck in the development cycle or needing to go through code review to fix a simple grammar error, can be very flustering. Simple Cloudware has created a UI to add content, which is backed by API calls, to pull the content into the application. This gives the appropriate separation of concerns between developers and creators. Simultaneously developers can add code to bring in content, while creators can add content, and immediately see the results in a path to production.

The content can then be promoted, independent of the code, with approval and time stamp. We have added the ability to revert, if there is an issue with integrating the content with the app. This gives the content creators the opportunity to focus on content, the ability to move at their own pace, add and update content in the path to production, without wasting valuable development time or the risk of deployment.

There is enough flexibility in our content system to manage the content of a large site, game or phone app. This could include multiple languages. The content is organized into groups to simplify development and transfer rates. The storage structure is defined by you, so you can mirror the app or internal systems. Access to the content is controlled through the API, therefore, refresh rates are completely customizable.

Our online editor gives the ability to design text visually or add HTML designed in outside editors. We host all images which are served through our CDN for speed. There are no limits to the quantity of your apps you need supported.

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