Simple Lookup Tables

Lookup lists and auto-fill have a huge impact on form completion. Keeping these lists in a database is expensive and prohibitive. Free your list from a strictly IT process and have a promotion and update process which can be accomplished without promoting database information or code.

Create, modify and promote unlimited type and lookup lists. This can free your data structure from expensive and repetitive processes. Use databases for complex transactions, not to display countries and drop-down menus. Our solution is faster and more durable than any database or no-sql structure. Use the right tool for the job. Lookup's should not be embedded in your valuable data structure.

We also provide the most essential lookup's for form completion. All calls are returned in proper JSON. Here is an example of our ever growing lists:

Liquid Metric Canadian States Countries
Currencies Degrees Distance In Metric
Languages Liquid Mexican States
Months Power Subtitles
Time Titles United States - States
Weight Country Codes Gender
Language Codes Distance Metric Measurement Liquid
Measurement Liquid Metric Measurement Power Weight
Weight Metric Time Demonization Hours
Meridien Minutes Months
Seconds Human Years

You will have the ability to look up addresses worldwide. This can speed address fill-out and accuracy. Not only address, but the ability to lookup time zone by address, and autofill by address. We also return geolocation by address for mapping. Because all look ups are included in one cost, this brings down the cost dramatically for what can be an expensive feature at volume. We have DNS lookup by country, so if there is a country you would like to block, we give you the ability to do so.

We have currency exchange and crypto-currency in time. It is also in proper json. Have you ever attempted to use the pseudo json or xml, that comes from other vendors, to populate a modern graph or attempt to do analysis? It is a huge time sink to deal, with outrageous formatting and a translation nightmare! With “other” companies, "free" does come at a cost. We make sure our data is fast, super inexpensive and consumable for any use.

We are connected to the European VAT verification system and translated it into usage json. What a crazy experience trying to deal with their wsdl. Please join the 21st century!

Just when you think it couldn't be any better, we give you the ability to do spelling, grammar and sentiment checks on any text. Wow, that is so much functionality for one cost! Did we mention that this is in any language? We give you the ability for key phrase extraction, language detection and Wikipedia entity recognition to help support searches and text explanation. We have built our system to power every kind of connect app

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