Simple Automation

Testing, testing, testing the bane and the savior of any coding project. It slows you down initially and is the foundation of fast maintenance, feature addition and troubleshooting for the continual development of any software. This is so important for fast development.

How do we balance test creation with feature delivery? The Simple answer so to make unit test creation fast and update-able outside of the code base. Our system doesn't only create tests fast, it is simple to understand and accessible by everyone. How many times were the unit tests either locked away in some crazy framework that no one understands, or on one testers box. Simple Cloudware Testing and automation brings testing out into the public forum. Not only does it run tests, it does so every night in every environment. The reports are available online for anyone you choose to monitor and investigate, and a nightly report per environment are emailed. This way, if there is a test that fails, you will have the visibility without being bombarded with communication… which you ultimately ignore, making the issue invisible once again.

These tests are promote-able so they can travel with the code on their path to production. This gives the ability to catch environment failures in the code before they hit production. These tests can be entered by anyone using our interface, removing the technical requirement to write unit tests.

We run these tests at whatever frequency you choose, in each environment. This transforms your unit and integration tests to automation that is constantly checking the health of your system, from development to production. This is great for catching environment specific bugs that arise as your code is promoted. These tests are promote-able to mirror your software progression.

Testing suites can be very expensive. This is included, along with all the other features, in one low cost. There is no third-party software or code to learn. Test creation is independent of feature creation so you get the benefits of a full automated suite without all the expense and complexity of implementing a clunky, specialized process that can break and have more bugs than the code is trying to monitor. We are cloud based so we can scale to the most complex levels. We take into account the need to promote, along with the code base, without any additional setup, hardware or costs. Don't get stuck with a custom app, with only one tester who knows how to use it, and the whole suite is on their laptop. Good luck with the critical patch when they are on PTO.

Our tests can be run in every environment manually and on a schedule. The reports are immediately available for code approval and trouble shooting. There are no technical hurdles to running the tests and seeing the results.

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