Simple Validation

How many time have you googled a particular validation, added to your code, and it didn't work? There is so much bad validation patterns it there, we are all demoted to trial and error or hand rolling out own. We take the pain out of validation by verifying our validations work, and also addresses the edge cases. We use multiple technologies to thoroughly check the string. Regex is the first line of validation. We use code and algorithms to further check the data for edge cases. We include validation and verification to further increase the accuracy of the result. This is particularly valuable with VAT and Credit Cards. We reach out and verify with the authority the ID or Card exists, and are good standings.

Here is the current list of validations that we offer. If you do not see one that is useful to you, just request it and we will do the research and coding to make to add it to the list.

Our validations are added through a simple url structure and provide simple and small json responses for high speed checking.

Social Security ABA Routing Number Alpha Numeric Decimal Space Only
Alpha Numeric Only Alpha Numeric Space Only Alpha Only
Alpha Hyphen Alpha Space Hyphen Alpha Space Hyphen Apostrophe
Alpha Space Only Alpha Underscore Base 64
BIC Card American Express
Card Mastercard Card Visa CUSIP
GTIN-14 HTML Color Hex HTML Color Name
IP Address ISBN10 ISBN13
ITF-14 Lower Case Mac Address
Numeric Only Number Decimal Only
Decimal Space Only Siren Siret
Swift UPC Upper Case
Url VIN Date
VAT Time Currency Phone (world-wide)
DNS Length Address (world-wide)
Postal Code (world-wide)

We continually update these validations. If there is an update to the requirements, or an additional edge case is identified, we catch it and provide more accurate validation to our customers. Validation in combination with Verification Lookups drastically improve the quality of entered data. It is the power of having multiple features in one place.

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